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52 New Rental Units in Renfrew Heights


Built to Passive House Standard

What does Passive House Standard mean?

Within the City of Vancouver, buildings are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing up to 54 percent of the City’s GHGs. The City of Vancouver has set bold targets to cut carbon pollution in half by 2030, and by building to the Passive House standard, we are contributing to our collective efforts to impact climate change. In addition, Passive House will provide a host of benefits to you, and to those living in these homes.


High Energy Efficiency

Minimal energy used for heating and cooling with a savings of up to 90% efficiency compared to traditional buildings


Solid building envelope with fully insulated walls and tripled glazed windows

Clean Airflow

Heat Recovery Ventilation system circulates warm air and filters in fresh cool air

Passive House buildings provide incredible year-round fresh indoor air quality and stable temperature. With a substantial reduction in energy use and a quiet atmosphere, this provides a healthier and environmentally-friendly home at a reduced cost.


To learn more about the Passive House standard, visit the Passive House Canada website

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